Believing in God

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What is it about God, or the gods, that drives the human spirit? Why is it that most humans, ancient and modern, strive to be a better version of themselves to impress an entity that cannot be seen? How did we come to be a species that believes in a higher power that controls every moment of our lives?

When I first created this blog, I had intended it to be a space dedicated to all the gods of all religions across time and space. I’ve studied the various deities for the past 40 years and still find so much about them fascinating. Why? Then came the time to put words to whitespace and I went totally blank. I found it hard to allow the gods of so many religions to come together in a shared space. I find myself driven to make this a space for the one God, my God.

I will go on record as saying I don’t see myself as a religious person. I have a lot of issues with some of the doctrines of the Christian faith. I was raised a Protestant, which basically means “non-Catholic”. Anyway, that’s the way it’s seemed. I’ve sat through services for the Methodists, the Baptists, the Pentecostals, and a few non-denominational. Each and every one has a different interpretation of the scriptures. And that’s where I get both confused and suspicious.

I’m not trying to knock the Christian faith, I just have some issues with how it’s handled. I’m sure the original followers of the faith would be appalled at what has become of the message they originally intended. And that brings me to the “other” gods. The deities that were worshipped at the same time the Christian faith was being created.

The Christian faith comes from the minds of a group of Jewish men and women who were having a few issues of their own. They still believed in God, but they no longer had faith in those who were supposed to be guiding them to salvation. Soon, stories began to spread of a man of humble beginnings, who was teaching his followers the true path to God. But here’s the thing. There wasn’t just one teacher, there were several. Jesus of Nazareth was just one of many who roamed the countryside talking about how to find salvation in the word of God. John the Baptist was another. I’m sure there were others but we’ll never know their names because time…and the church…has wiped their names from history.

A lot of the modern ideals of the Christian faith originated in ancient pagan ideas. Not just the big ones, like how bunnies and colored eggs have NOTHING to do with the death and resurrection of Jesus, but little tidbits as well. The idea that your name is written in a book in Heaven is Egyptian, while the story of Noah and the flood is Sumerian.

I do truly believe in God, or at least in a higher power. Is He an entity, an alien from another galaxy, the Universe itself? I have no idea, but I do know that there has to be a reason why we humans still feel the need to connect to something beyond ourselves. Can I get an Amen?

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