Where She’s Meant to Be

The warm winds blew across the wild rose’s silky petals as she sat there in the woods, fastened to the bush from where she had bloomed.

The little rose stared at the sky, wondering why she and her sisters had been placed in such a remote area. Why hadn’t they found a home in someone’s garden?

Lord”, she whispered up toward the sky. “How come you put us way out here where no people could look at us, or smell us, or enjoy us?”

God waved his hand and sent another light breeze across her soft, pink petals. The little rose looked up and saw a beautiful man in white standing beside her. “Are you God?”, she asked.

No, little one. I am a messenger sent to you from God. He knows how you’re feeling and wants you to know that He has placed you here for a reason”.

God has sent me here to let you know that all things on this Earth are precious to Him and that there is beauty in everything. He has placed trees where shade is needed, placed rivers where water is needed, and placed mountains where solid terrain is needed. You, little one, were placed here because God knew this spot needed a special kind of beauty”.

The little rose blushed with the knowledge that God thought so highly of her and her sisters.

Remember, little one”, the messenger continued, “you’re not out here alone. God can see you and thinks you are beautiful. He can smell you and is comforted by your scent. He is with you, always, and enjoys you every day”. With that, the beautiful man vanished into the air.

The little rose looked around at her siblings and realized that they were exactly where they were meant to be.


If you ever sit and wonder why it is that you seem to be stuck in your life, remember that it might be that you are exactly where you are meant to be. It may be that you are needed there. Look for the good things in your situation. Embrace what you have and be thankful.

Image by Deedee86 from Pixabay

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